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Cargo Handling on Ships Carrying Dangerous and Hazardous Substances in Solid and Packaged Form

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Training Program covers the requirements of the STCW Convention.

Passing Theoretical part of training program, trainee must:

  • Trainees passing this training program’s theoretical part will be able to prepare and execute dangerous, hazardous and harmful to marine environment cargo and substances transportation at sea and will gain understanding of legislative requirements and how to apply and verify their conformity with:
  • Detailed instructions (including dangerous and hazardous cargo safe package, transportation, placement and segregation, as well as precautions, connected with other cargoes), as outlined in IMDG Code and its amendments;
  • Cargo Transport Unit (CTU) IMO/ILO/UNECE guidelines;
  • Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargoes and Related Activities in Port Areas guidelines. An as these are connected with dangerous cargo transportation, trainees must know:
  • Cargo placement and securing in safe working code;
  • Pesticide safe carriage on ships guidelines;
  • International Convention for Safe Containers — CSC, 1972 content;
  • Although trainees will have possibilities to evaluate importance of following documents and influence of these documents;

Passing Practical part of training program, trainee must:

  • Solve practical exercises according to international legislation and guidelines;
  • Solve practical exercises and be able to use safety equipment carrying out dangerous and hazardous cargo loading, unloading, carriage and storage.

In order to enter into the presented training program, trainee must represent:

  • Certificate of Competency, Education Certificate or Certificate of Proficiency;
  • Seamen’s book or Civil passport or ID;
  • Medical Certificate or medical certificate form 100(for coastal water area seafarers’);
  • Confirming Certificate of minimum 12 months recent practical experience with dangerous cargo transportation (for shore –based personnel).

Course Details

Duration 33 hours
language English
Students 1-20
Quizzes 41

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  • Duration 33 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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