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1. Distribution Area

1.1 This document sets out the terms and conditions of the service provided by the Meridian Maritime
1.2 Training Centre LLC. (hereinafter referred to as the “Centre”);
1.3The document applies to those who receive the Centre’s services (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”);
1.4This document is public, places on the Centre’s website and on the customer’s personal E-portal.

1. Definitions of terms

2.1 Act – Terms and Conditions to the Service
2.2 Internal normative act – internal regulations approved by the director and / or the general meeting of partners of the Centre;
2.3 Centre – Meridian Maritime Training Centre LLC;
2.4 Customer – a person who fills in an application form to receive the services of the Centre;
2.5 Novikontas – Novikontas Maritime Hellas, Latvia;
2.6 Personal Data – any information connected to an identified or identifiable natural person. A person shall be identifiable when he/she may be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by an identification number or by any physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social features specific to this person;
2.7 Course – training courses specified and listed in the application, on which the customer is registered;
2.8 Platform – an internal electronic system created for the customer by the Centre
2.9 Service – training performed by the Centre at the request of the Customer;
2.10 Current month – the period from the date of filling in the application by the Customer to the last working day of the same month;
2.11 Next month – the first working day of the following calendar month from the date form application by the Customer;
2.12 Royalty – a marketing program developed by the Centre to make special offers for the customers.

3. Application

3.1 Customer’s registration for courses is held by filling in the application form developed by the Centre;
3.2 The application form is a customer application requesting to take courses at the Centre. The Customer is obliged to
fully fill the required gaps of the application;
3.3 The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the application;
3.4 Customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the service established by the Centre by signing the application;
3.5 The application has legal force and obliges the Customer to receive the requested service from the Centre.

4. Registration for courses

4.1 Before registering for the training courses, the customer is obliged to submit the documentation required by the Centre;
4.2 Centre’s obligation to provide services arises from the moment of payment of the fee for the courses registered by the Customer;
4.3 Payment for the courses registered by the Customer must be made within 1 (one) working day from the moment of the signature on the application;
4.4 If the customer does not pay the fee within the period specified in paragraph 4.3 of this document, the application will be canceled;
4.5 In case the customer pays part of the total cost of the registered courses, the Centre will provide services only on fully paid courses;
4.6 In case the amount paid by the Customer remains in excess, the Customer can apply to the Centre with a request to return the overpaid amount, or he/she can keep it on his/her balance and use it in the future;
4.7 The course is planned by the Centre from the moment the amount paid by the Customer appears on the bank account of the Centre.

5. Cancellation of registration for courses

5.1 The customer is entitled to cancel the registration for the course no later than 2 (two) working days before the beginning of the course based on an official written notice (hereinafter – “Notice”);
5.2 The Notice must indicate:
5.2.1 Customer personal data (full name, personal number, telephone number, e-mail address, actual address);
5.2.2 A course or list of courses for which the Customer wants to cancel registration;
5.2.3 Reason for cancellation of registration (at the request of the centre, additional evidence must be submitted)
5.2.4 If the Customer has already paid the registration fee, a document confirming the payment must be attached to the application;
5.2.5 Application Completion Date, Application Number (if any);
5.2.6 Signature;
5.3 If the Customer cancels the registration during the current month, he is entitled to request a refund of the amount paid or can keep it on the balance for the future. This should be indicated in the Notice;
5.4 If the customer cancels the registration within the following month from the moment of the application was submitted, and wants a refund, the Centre is entitled to withhold 20% (twenty percent) of the amount paid;
5.5 The Centre will review the application within 1 (one) working day;
5.6 The final decision made by the Centre will be notified to the Customer in writing, via e-mail specified in the application and has a legal force.

6. Beginning of the Course and progress.

6.1 Information about the start time of the training course is provided to the Customer on the basis of a telephone message.
6.2 The Customer is sent a phone message to the phone number he / she indicates in the application.
6.3 The Customer is responsible for the wrong phone number indicated in the application.
6.4 Detailed information about the course schedule is placed on the customer’s internal platform on his / her personal page.
6.5 The Customer is obliged to attend the course at the time indicated in the telephone message and / or reflected in the course schedule.

7. Exam

7.1 At the end of each course, the customer passes an exam, which consists with theoretical and practical components. The customer is required to receive the minimum score in order to the course to be considered as covered. The amount of the minimum score and the amount of practical and theoretical parts for each exam is determined individually, according to the syllabus of
each course;
7.2 The Customer must appear for the exam 10 (ten) minutes before the time indicated in the exam schedule;
7.3 The exam is held in accordance with the exam time specified in the course syllabus;
7.4 In case of delay for the exam, the exam time will not be added to the Customer;
7.5 In case the customer fails to exceed the minimum limit set by the course syllabus, he / she is authorized to retake an exam;
7.6 Exam retaking date and time is determined by the Centre;
7.7 In case of non-appearance at the exam or re-examination due to deterioration of health condition, upon submission of the relevant document attached to the written Notice by the Customer, the Centre shall ensure additional examination, the date and time of which are sent to the customer upon written note.
7.8 In case the customer is not able to cross the threshold even on the re-examination, he / she shall retake the course;
7.9 The customer is authorized to appeal the test result within 1 (one) working day after he/she is informed regarding the test score. The complaint will be reviewed by the Centre within 2 (two) working days. The Customer is informed regarding the complaint result via electronic written notice sent by the Centre;
7.10 Attendance at courses is a prerequisite for passing the exam.

8. Applying

8.1 The Notice is submitted by the customer to the Centre electronically, through the electronic platform developed by the Centre for the customer;
8.2 The Customer selects the application form through the personal page, after filling in the required fields he / she signs and applies the Notice to the Centre electronically;
8.3 The platform allows the Customer to attach evidence to the Notice electronically as well;
8.4 The Centre transmits the “Login” and “Password” of the internal electronic portal to the customer after the initial registration on courses. The Customer is fully responsible for the storage and protection of data;
8.5 The deadline for reviewing the application by the Centre is 3 (three) working days, except for other cases established under the Act;
8.6 The response to the application will be sent to the customer electronically;
8.7 At the request of the Customer, the Notice can be made in material form. The provisions set in paragraphs 8.5 and 8.6 of this Act shall apply to the Notice submitted in material form.

9. Personal data

9.1 “Personal data” is a person’s ID number, name, surname and any information that allows him to be identified. The Centre is authorized to process personal data of the customer in order to provide services, namely:
9.1.1 To perform the duties imposed by the Centre under the legislation of Georgia;
9.1.2 To fulfill the obligations undertaken by the Centre based on the specifics of the service;
9.1.3 In the software facilities implemented in the centre, in order to enter (include) the customer in the program, as well as to use other benefits provided by the Centre;
9.1.4 For the protection of the health and safety of the customer and other third parties, including the
monitoring and collecting the data of the entry and exit from the Centre building;
9.1.5 To send advertising messages regarding the updates of the Centre;
9.1.6 Due to the specific nature of the service, the Centre is authorized, if necessary, to receive and process data related to the customer’s criminal record and health status, as well as the certificate “On non-drug registration.”
9.2 The personal data collected by the Centre in compliance with Meridian Merit Training Centre Ltd may be transferred to the third parties and does not require his / her additional consent;
9.3 The Centre is authorized to implement 24-hour video surveillance of the exterior perimeter of the building, entrance, corridors and balconies(s), training auditoriums through its own funds or through a third party contractor for the protection of property and customers and to process the material obtained in accordance with the law of Georgia. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, this
paragraph stipulates that the requirements of Article 12, Paragraph 5 of the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection are observed and that by signing the application, the Customer is informed in writing about the implementation of on-site video surveillance.

10. Courses conducted jointly with Novikontas

10.1 In case of choosing a joint course with Novikontas, the Centre will transfer the data specified by the Customer in the application to Novikontas, and Novikontas will process the data transferred by the Centre in full compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation EU) and the relevant legislation of Georgia;
10.2 The schedule of joint courses with Novikontas is set in advance. The Customer is informed regarding the course date details in advance. The schedule is not considered for the amendments;
10.3 In case the course schedule is amended due to unforeseen situations, the Customer will be notified accordingly;
10.4 The Customer pays the exchange rate jointly with Novikontas in the equivalent of the Georgian Lari, in accordance with the official exchange rate set by the National Bank of Georgia on the day of payment.

11. Final Provisions

11.1 The Centre is authorized to amend this Act. Amendments are public, it will be placed on the web-page of the Centre and on the internal platform;
11.2 The Act is concluded in two languages. In case of collision between languages, the Georgian text will prevail;
11.3 If any provision of the Act has been declared as invalid, it does not effect on the validity of the entire Act;
11.4 The Act shall enter into force upon the decision of the General Meeting of the Partners, unless otherwise provided by the decision.