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In the Meridian Maritime Training Centre trainings are performed using the latest navigation simulator Wärtsilä Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 (NTPRO 5000). Officers of Navigational watch, Senior Officers and Captains have ability to pass simulation exercises in 15 navigation areas and more than 20 types of ships.
An integral part of the simulator is the Navigation Debriefing room, in which the exercises, records performed on the Bridge simulator are discussed and debriefing is held with the instructor. The room is also equipped with a wall projector, which allows to show the real scenario to the trainees.
Wärtsilä Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 (NTPRO 5000) fully complies with ISO standards, IMO and STCW convention requirements.

GMDSS simulators accurately imitate actual ship-to-ship communications and ship-to-shore stations using highly realistic simulated terrestrial and satellite communication systems. Trainees can be familiarised with the correct operation of a variety of GMDSS equipment for distress and general communication as the software emulates recognised GMDSS equipment produced by S.P. Radio, Thrane&Thrane and other manufacturers.

  • Precise Simulation of Real GMDSS Equipment
  • Simulation of full set of SAILOR 6000 equipment
  • It is possible to use four different types of GMDSS radio equipment, manufactured by S.P.Radio/ Thrane&Thrane: SAILOR 6000, SAILOR 5000, SAILOR System 4000 and SAILOR Compact 2000. In addition, the VHF&DSC FURUNO FM-8800S is included
  • Jotron AIS SART as per IMO Resolution MSC. 256 (84) as an alternative to 9 GHz SART (from January 1st 2010)
  • Simulation of Inmarsat Fleet77, Inmarsat FBB, AIS Class A and Glonass/GPS receiver.
  • Each trainee workplace can be supplemented with a Transas compact console including the real control panels of SAILOR Program 6000 units.

ECDIS Simulator is based on Navi-Sailor ECDIS Multifunction Display MFD 4000 with inbuilt Navi-Planner voyage planning software, both fully compliant with the latest performance standards for shipborne navigation equipment. It incorporates Chart Delivery Server Emulator for charts delivery, charts updates and licence updates in automatic mode which is a critical issue during ECDIS training. Among other new options are fictitious area database, new training chart folios and weather forecast.

ECDIS systems can be supplied in various configurations, from the computer programs suitable for shipboard training to the full mission simulators with real ship controls. Configurations may vary to suit individual or group simulator training and the needs for monitoring from the instructor station.

The simulator ensures efficient training, fully compliant with IMO and STCW requirements.

Engine Room simulator ERS 5000 is designed to train and assess the competence of engine department personnel, including officers in charge of an engineering watch, second and chief engineers and ratings forming part of engineering watch.

Training objectives

  • Engine room equipment familiarization
  • System layout and flow diagrams
  • Control system and automation
  • Alarm and safety system
  • Watchkeeping and troubleshooting
  • Emission control and fuel economy management
  • Vessel resource management

Liquid Cargo Handling simulators (LCHS 5000 TechSim) are designed to train and certify crew members of liquid cargo tankers, gas carriers and terminals, as well as other staff responsible for the safe cargo handling and the operation of auxiliary equipment. LCHS 5000 TechSim provides an exact, detailed copy of vessel/terminal systems and its compartments. This simulator is an ideal solution for training centres, academies, government authorities, shipping companies, coastal centres and crewing agencies.