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Our story

Meridian Maritime Training Centre is a newly established company complied with the high-quality specialists with more than 20 years of professional experience in maritime field. By living half of their lives in the sea, understanding the significant nature of shipping, founders were attracted with the idea to begin this highly important activity and train, educate and attract youngsters to go to sea. Moreover, founders were seeking to provide the seafarers with the qualified service and training that the individuals with such valuable profession deserve.


The Centre is governed by the General Meeting of the Partners Consisting of the shareholders of the Centre and directors. The General Meeting of the Partners is held at least once in a year. it is invited by a partner or director of the Centre.
Meeting is Authorized to commence and terminate types of production and economic activity, to approve amendments in the charter, to issue and revoke a general commercial power of attorney (Prokura), to appoint and dismiss directors, conclude and terminate contract with them, as well as approve their reports, to approve the syllabuses of the training courses and to make other decisions under legislation of Georgia and charter of the Centre.
Decision made by the General Meeting of the Partners is in writing and is bound to be performed.

Who We Are?

We are a group of skillful shipping experts who have served in the maritime industry for many years. Our team are deeply familiar with the industry’s best practices. We offer innovative and novel solutions to our customers. Our instructors are highly qualified, experiences and instructing with state- of-the art teaching methods in ample and modern facilities. Our training facilities and instructors comply with international and national standards and are regularly audited and approved.

What We Do?

The Training Centre team and management are committed to design, develop, provide and assess quality maritime training to ensure safety at sea and to meet the requirements of our customer, regulatory and accrediting bodies.
Our first and guiding principle is maintaining high standard of service and training to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Mission

The Training Centre provide highly quality training and certification services as per STCW 1978 requirements of competence. The main objective is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the competencies required by the STCW 1978, as amended, national and international regulations, as well as any other training services required by the maritime sector.

Our Vision

The Training Centre will be a benchmark for training, evaluation and certification of seafarers with international recognition and committed to the pursuit of excellence by satisfying its customers with a quality and efficient services.

Our Goal

The goal of the Training Centre is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. The company is dedicated to the quality policy which ensures that its activities in respect of the provision of training for the merchant navy fully meets the requirements of its customers at all times. Commitment to the implementation of supporting managerial and operational systems is essential to realizing that goal.