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Special Training Program!

For those who wish to learn deck officer’s duties in the position of 3RD Officer, Meridian has developed special courses to enhance their maritime competencies.
This will help to find employment in prestigious companies and career advancement!
The course includes the following modules:
• Ship safety
• Ship’s handling and maneuvering
• Marine navigation
• Navigational watch while sailing and in port
• Passing external audits and inspections
• Maritime Law / Conventions
• ECDIS / ARPA-RADAR / GMDSS basic study using modern simulators.
This training program was elaborated by Captains and Chief Mates.
The course was developed based on the IMO Model Course (7.03) “Training of a Deck Officer”. The following sources were also used: ISGOTT, OCIMF VIQ, TMSA, MARPOL, SOLAS, STCW2010.
The topics learnt during the course fully cover the questions necessary for any kind of interview with leading shipping companies. Modern teaching methodology, which allows achieving the desired results, is used during the training program.

Upon completion of the training program, a relevant certificate will be issued.