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Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and Use of ARPA

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Training Program covers the requirements of the STCW Convention.

Passing training program, trainee must gain:

  • Knowledge of Radar and ARPA working principles;
  • Skills to use radar, to interpret and analyse information received from radar, including knowledge about:
  • Factors which affects RLS execution and accuracy;
  • Display preparation to work and maintenance procedures;
  • Displayed errors, wrongly reflected signals, sea clutter etc. Determination. Radio location lighthouses, search and rescue radio transponders (SART) reflection on display.
  • Range and bearing, other ship course and speed, the closest point of arrival (CPA) and time to the closest point of arrival (TCPA) with overtaking, opposite course or vessel crossing determination;
  • Critical reflected signal recognition, other ship course and speed change recognition, own ship’s speed and/or course change influence;
  • Application of 1972 International conventions on ship collision avoidance rules (COLREG)
  • Manual radar plotting methods for relative and true motion modes;
  • Parallel indexing technique.
  • Knowledge about types of ARPA, specifics of displayed information, standards and danger of over reliance to ARPA system;Skills to work with ARPA, interpret and analyse its information, including knowledge of:
  • Systems performance and precision, target acquire opportunities and restrictions, and delay to received information;
  • Warning and use of system testing;
  • Target acquire methods and restrictions;
  • True and relative motion vectors, target information and danger zone graphical display;
  • Acquisition and analyse of information, reflected signals, blind sectors and trial manoeuvres.

In order to enter into the presented training program, trainee must represent:

  • Certificate of Competency, Education Certificate or Certificate of Proficiency;
  • Seamen’s book or Civil passport or ID;
  • Medical Certificate or medical certificate form 100(for coastal water area seafarers’).
  • Approved sea service at least 4 months.

Course Details

Duration 69,5 hours
Language English
Students 1-12
Quizzes 24

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes