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Trainings for Meridian Staff!

Meridian provides trainings for staff comfort, safety and quality development to ensure compliance with ISO standards.

Meridian employees passed the following training courses:

  1. Meridian Building Plan – Instructor Jaba Tsetskhladze
  2. Meridian Development Plan – Instructor Nino Kakhidze
  3. Meridian Internal Normative Rules – Instructor Nino Kakhidze
  4. Employment Policy – Instructor Nino Kakhidze
  5. Quality Assurance System and Recognitions – Instructor Rusudan Vadatchkoria
  6. Fire Prevention and Firefighting at the Workplace – Instructor Robert Abashvili
  7. Elementary First Aid – Instructor Rusudan Vadatchkoria

We ensure that employees work in a healthy and safe environment