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Advanced Training for ships Operating in Polar Waters

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Training Program covers the requirements of the STCW Convention.

Passing training program, trainee must:

  • Have ability to contribute to safe operation of vessels operating in polar waters;
  • Understanding of ice characteristics and areas where different types of ice can be expected in the area of operation;
  • Understanding of vessel performance in ice and low air temperature;
  • Understanding of safe operations and ship manoeuvrability in ice;
  • Awareness to monitor and ensure compliance with legislative requirements;
  • Understanding applying safe working practices and to respond to emergencies;
  • Understanding and awareness of correct crew preparation, working conditions and safety.

In order to enter into the presented training program, trainee must represent:

  • Certificate of Competency, Education Certificate or Certificate of Proficiency;
  • Seamen’s book or Civil passport or ID;
  • Medical Certificate or medical certificate form 100(for coastal water area seafarers’);
  • Every candidate shall hold a certificate as Master, chief mate or OOW qualified in accordance with chapter V of the STCW Convention and the STCW code;
  • Meet the requirements for certification in basic training for ships in polar waters;
  • Have at least 2 months of approved seagoing service in the deck department.

Course Details

Duration 30 hours
Language English
Students 4-8
Quizzes 14

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 26
  • Assessments Yes